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We design our Caldera hot tubs to provide full-body massage where you store tension. Our jets are configured to give you a targeted, soothing massage. As you move from seat to seat in what we call Hot Tub Circuit Therapy®, major muscles are massaged. Similar to working out muscle groups on a strength training circuit at the gym, our circuit therapy helps relax and transform those areas most likely to store stress and pain, from the bottoms of your feet to the tightened muscles of your shoulders and neck.

Pure Comfort®

The uniquely contoured seats on every Caldera Spa hot tub let you relax in unmatched comfort. Enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits without struggling to resist the effects of buoyancy. When the powerful jets are off, you’ll simply relax in the spacious interior, designed to cradle you in comfort you can really feel.

Pure Vitality

A Caldera Spa can help you release stress which accumulates in your body and mind. It can help to accelerate recovery of tired muscles. You enter a spa with tension; you emerge changed. You become more relaxed and you are calmed. The warmth of the spa helps increase circulation, so you heal better and faster, you become more flexible and limber and pain is alleviated. It’s the ultimate calming experience.

Comfort Features


Deeper Seats

Maximum Comfort

Caldera Spas seats are built to maximize comfort by cradling your body in a secure “hug-like” position that allows you to fully experience the warm, massaging waters. Caldera hot tubs are known for their elegant, organic style with fluid lines and sculpted jet recesses

Foot Ridge

Foot Massage

The unique Foot Ridge® supports your heels and keeps you in your seat as powerful jets provide a reflexology-type massage to revive the tired soles of your feet—whether you’re 5’1″ or 6’1″ tall.

Lighted Assist Bar

Keeping Safe

A carefully placed, lighted assist bar helps to make getting in and out of the spa effortless and safe.

Contoured Pillow


Sit back and let our soft, contoured pillow cushion your head in comfort.
Whether you select a Utopia or Paradise Series hot tub,
you’ll find every seat is ergonomically sculpted to cradle your body.