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Nottingham Log Cabin

Wall thickness 44mm T&G Log cabin

  • Wall Boards are flat faced with rounded edges
  • The corbel of the roof around the whole cabin
  • Double glazed windows and double glazed double door with original decorative beading
  • Shutters available (as extras)
  • Canopy 100 cm
  • The cabin includes the floor and roof construction
  • The cabin includes a big bedroom in the attic

* Veranda is supplied as an optional extra
* Shingles are supplied as optional extras

Nottingham Log Cabin
Each of our log cabins are designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind,
they are quick and simple to erect and look stunning when completed.

Nottingham Log Cabin Specifications


Wall thickness 44mm T&G
Dimensions: 4,5 x 6 m
Basement size 4,32 x 5,82 m
Height overall: 3.9 m
Double glazed double Door: 129.5 x 187 cm
Double glazed Single Window (Front): 70 x 97 cm
Four Double glazed Single Windows (Side): 70 x 97 cm
Double glazed Two Single Windows (Back): 70 x 97 cm
Double glazed Single Door (Side): 85 x 187 cm
Two Single Doors (Inside): 85 x 187 cm
Roof area: 45m2

Hexham Shingle Colours

  • Grey
  • Green
  • Red
We are now able to offer a FULL INSTALLATION SERVICE for our log cabins. We use our fully trained and experienced in-house team of installers, who can guarantee that your log cabin is constructed to the very highest standard.
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