Its that time of the year where the weather has finally taken a turn for the good …hot tubs sales are through the roof… servicing is at an all time high….spa repairs of all brands are seeing our vehicles covering a lot of miles over the last 6 weeks. Please feel free to contact us

A wee tight installation after 2 spa company’s do a site survey and tell client that they need a carne !!!! our guys get it in no problem and wait for it ….yes that’s right and no crane…happy days and at no extra cost to the client as before client was looking at £1,000.00 to

Many thanks to Mr Mrs L… for choosing Caldera spas as clients have said they would rather deal with a local company face to face than buy on line as they have heard so many stories of other companies that are hear today and gone tomorrow!!!!

With todays business climate and finances at an all time low Ayrshire log cabins & hot tubs seem to be bucking the trend …..sales are just continuing to grow week on week …month on month, more and more clients are seeing the health benefits of  hot tubs at affordable prices from one of the Worlds largest manufacturer’s,  Watkins Incorporation who