Another lovely Caldera spa hot tub install this week in Bishopton, Glasgow. looking stunning in this hand made gazebo. One more client introduced  to the benefits of owning a new Caldera spa from the worlds leading Spa manufacturer. The post Bishopton, Glasgow Hot Tub Install appeared first on Caldera Spas Scotland.

Hot Tub Installations

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Busy Times at Ayrshire Log Cabins & Caldera Spas Scotland..!!!..The months are flying by not so long ago we where getting ready for the start of the Hot Tub season and now its nearly the end of the summer…sorry what summer!!! well it certainly has been a good summer for all our clients that have

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Small selection of hot tub installations some don’t always go to plan as you can see the one with the jeep stuck in the field…oops.!!! Yes guys ok my staff have just reminded me that this is now the 3rd time this year i have been stuck in a field..!!!!!! 10/10 for my effort i

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  With taking on Caldera Spas around December of 2012 we have grown from strength to strength. Now with the backing of Caldera Spas (Watkins Incorporation a fortune 500 company with an annual turnover just short of 10 Billion). We have been able to move forward into areas in the market place where we have

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  It has been a long time coming and i would like to thank all our staff for their efforts over this season in helping the company spread its wings further afield throughout Scotland with new hot tub installations in the following places..PeterHead, Inverurie, Macduff and in and around Aberdeen in general. Our team will

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Issue with some plug & play hot tubs….. over the years we have seen our fair share of hot tub issues however more recently we have come across a lot of plug & play hot tubs / spas that clients have purchased and don’t really know a lot about them and how dangerous they can

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  A small selection of Caldera spa hot tubs installed this month in the following area’s Glasgow, East Kilbride, Hamilton, Stirling & Edinburgh. The post Hot tubs Scotland Installations appeared first on Caldera Spas Scotland.

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Spa servicing

Thursday, 07 November 2013 by

Over the last 6 years now we have been dealing with all types of spa issue’s from water changing, supply of new filters, replacement covers, warranty repairs, servicing and breakdowns.  After 6 years in the spa industry you think you have seen it all however it just ceases to amaze me the amount of clients that don’t even

Its that time of the year where the weather has finally taken a turn for the good …hot tubs sales are through the roof… servicing is at an all time high….spa repairs of all brands are seeing our vehicles covering a lot of miles over the last 6 weeks. Please feel free to contact us

Many thanks to Mr Mrs L… for choosing Caldera spas as clients have said they would rather deal with a local company face to face than buy on line as they have heard so many stories of other companies that are hear today and gone tomorrow!!!!